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Statement Rings Sizing

If you are unsure of your size, please visit a local jeweler to have your finger sized accurately. Be sure the jeweler uses a ring sizer close to the size of the ring. Wider rings will fit tighter and thinner or narrower rings will fit looser. Please be sure to order accordingly.

**Please note: using a string, or a strip of paper, to size your finger is inaccurate 99.9% of the time.**

We are aware that most of the time rings are purchased as a surprise, so we include one free sizing with the purchase.

Some tips for trying to "guess" at the recipient's size are:
a)   If you have an existing ring that will be worn on the intended finger you can take it into a jeweler and have them size it on a ring mandrel.

b)   Or, compare the inside diameter of the ring to the chart linked below. We have also provided an international sizing chart to convert the diameter to different country’s sizes.

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