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Statement Jewelry Customisation Options

Love what you see but want to make a slight change? We are more than happy to accommodate custom requests.
 There is a small additional charge of $50 for customizations. Changes in diamond size and materials will be priced accordingly.

Please email Karen (owner/designer) with your request. She will work with you personally on your ideas.

Some examples of customizations include:


Within reason, we can use different dimensions. i.e. width, or height of ring or size of the ring (larger or smaller than our standard sizes).

Diamond Size

In most cases a larger or smaller diamond size can be used. Keep in mind that the diamonds used in each ring design are selected for the best proportion of the ring. The design of the ring might have to change slightly to accommodate different sized stones.


If you don’t want a diamond we can replace it with a different type of stone. This could include anything like birthstones, or even man-made diamonds. Please note, the stone has to be a faceted cut.


We have 10 shades of grey concrete available. It is rudimentary but we ask that you refer 
to our Orbis collection bracelet KMb125 to select the shade you would like. We can not guarantee what we produce will be a 100% match to what you see on your monitor.


Almost all of our ring designs can be produced with a different material. Choose from platinum, gold, white gold, palladium or silver. Sorry, we do not work with titanium. Prices for different materials will be calculated based on current US market prices.

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