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Giving Back

Concrete luxury candles tinted greenAlthough the amount of concrete we use is minimal is comparison to the construction industry, its use does weigh on us (no pun intended). In an effort to reduce our footprint on the planet we are proudly launching a pilot initiative with our new Orbis Evergreen Series Candles.

These extraordinary candles are highlighted by tinted green hand-cast concrete. An essential oil mix, summoning scented notes of the forest, is infused into each hand-poured vegan soy wax candle.

Five dollars ($5) from your purchase of this Evergreen Series will be donated to the National Greening Program. TreeCanada leads this mass seedling planting initiative where there is a need for reforestation. In addition to the restoration of forests and wildlife habitat, trees planted through the carbon compensation program contribute to cleaner air, cleaner soil, and cleaner waterways. 

Here at Konzuk, we believe that world-class design enriches the lives of those it touches. It inspires people to greatness and brings out their own finer qualities. It’s this same belief that powers Karen’s designs and informs every aspect of the company she’s given her name to.

We take this commitment to heart at Konzuk and spare no effort in realizing our uniquely creative vision. As well as reflecting the world around us, we also want to shape a better tomorrow. This desire informs everything we do, from the painstaking care taken in sourcing materials, right on through to the look and feel of our finished pieces.

You can see it in every design object that we bring to completion.

All of our creations acknowledge the earth’s fragility and proceed from a sincere wish to preserve its resources through a commitment to sustainable practice. Indeed at Konzuk we believe that great design is not only a first principle but also an ethical responsibility. It’s why all of our products are created to stand the test of time and reward prolonged engagement with them. In this way, by cultivating notions of permanence, we bring forth objects designed to endure.

Beauty Built To Last

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