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Orbis Concrete Creations

The Orbis Collection sees KONZUK evolve the striking aesthetic of our jewelry pieces into a series of extraordinary Household objects that bring a sense of drama to the living space. Also available in TERRA colors.

Orbis GREY One-of-a-kind

Painstaking care is taken in the creation of each of our collections—from sourcing materials through to the look and feel. The hand-cast shape, pitted surface, and raw edge of the concrete sphere makes each object absolutely unique.

Beauty Built To Last

We believe that world-class design enriches the lives of those it touches. We believe that great design is an ethical responsibility. It’s why all of our products are created to stand the test of time and reward prolonged engagement with them.


Orbis concrete vessels and candles are designed for a wide array of settings and a variety of purposes. Their shelf life can be extended from candles into a succulent planter, tealight holder, or for storing precious keepsakes.

Hand-crafted Essentials

Hand-poured, the Orbis Candle serves as an illuminating presence—inspiring meditative calm. Each summoning a different mood through an articulated blending of essential oils, binding together top, middle, and base notes to create scents of Bright Citrus, Subtle Floral, Woodland and French Meadow.

Orbis Candle Kit - black
Orbis Candle Kit - black
Orbis Candle Kit - black
Orbis Candle Kit - black $69.50
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