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Why concrete makes the perfect and unique engagement rings

I continue to receive compelling stories from customers as to why they chose our concrete bands to symbolically represent their marriage. It has me thinking that it might be beneficial if I share some information about concrete.

According to Wikipedia the earliest known occurrence of cement was 12 million years ago. It is amazing to think that a material that was discovered millions of years ago is still being used today, and not to mention innovatively! i.e. jewelry!

Concrete is a sustainable and affordable resource that is made up of aggregate, cement and water. When you consider the definition of aggregate as it is described, “a whole formed by combining several typically disparate elements.” That sounds a lot like marriage, doesn’t it?

And like wine and marriage, concrete only gets stronger and better over time. It takes many years for concrete to reach its true strength. It also will change over time with daily wear to reflect your tendencies.

Concrete is strong enough to survive many disasters, such as fires, earthquakes and storms. Again, this sounds a little like marriage. We all have our ups-and-downs but know that we can make it through anything.

So what have customers said about why they bought concrete rings?

“Our 17th Anniversary wedding bands made of concrete and steel. Strong and unique, like the love we have for each other. A friend of mine told me the other day that we were the only couple he could ever imagine trading in their gold and diamond wedding bands for concrete and steel.

And another customer said:

“It’s just because we thought they looked cool, they were affordable and something more snazzy than a simple gold band. I’ll proudly wear it knowing just how well it represents the fabric of what we have.”

There you have it! If you are looking for something to represent the growing strength in your relationship. The combining of many elements to make one. An everlasting union. And something that will weather the hard times. That's why KONZUK Union concrete rings are the perfect choice!


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