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Orbis Refill Kit – black

$ 375.00

Use the wax granules in your refill kit to replace burned-out wax in your existing Orbis candle(s).

Each kit comes with 200g of white or black wax granules and six, 3-inch organic cotton wicks.


Plant-based wax granules, eco-intent; non-toxic, plant-based, and exquisitely crafted for the conscious consumer. Our wax granules are made from highly purified and certified sustainably sourced plant-based wax.

+  Non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainably sourced 100% plant-based wax granules.
Contains 200g of unscented wax granules and six, 3-inch organic cotton wicks.
200g of granules fill two, 2.5” diameter vessels (or six tealight vessels) to a 2.25” height.
Each wick provides around 6 hours of burn time.
Only 45 grams of granules are used per candle in 8 hours.
Burns cleanly with minimal smoke or soot.
Made in the USA

    We also offer kits with Medium Orbis Vessel to make your own candle.  

    Refillable granulated candles are more practical alternatives to traditional candles. They are refreshed to look brand new with minimal effort. Just pick up the wick after it cools and insert a new wick. Wax granules leave almost no residue, making them easy to clean up after each use.

    Designed for Safety:
    Granulated candles safely self-extinguish if tipped over. They also clean up easier than regular candle wax. Just sweep or vacuum up the spilled granules.

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