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Is it safe to buy jewelry over the internet? 
We use the same technology that the banks use to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your information, so you can order without worrying about a thing. Your information is safe with us.

Also, when you’re checking out – you can feel doubly secure if you see an “s” after the “http” in the website address. All browsers display this to let you know that you’re in a secure environment thanks to our use of secure socket layer (SLL) technology.

Is it safe to ship jewelry?
We ship our jewelry by carriers like FedEx, so the chances of anything happening to your package is slim. Plus, all our shipments are fully insured and remain our responsibility until it arrives at your door.

What if I do not get the size right? 
If the ring you ordered does not fit we’ll provide one sizing free of charge. The turnaround time for resizing takes approx. 3 business days, plus shipping time. Please visit the Returns & Repairs section to find out how to send the ring back for sizing.

Can I have my items engraved?
Yes, you can easily add engraving to any item by filling in the engraving field before adding your item to the cart. There is a flat fee of $25 for engraving. We use Univers font which is a sans serif and easy to read.

If there was a problem while submitting my order, should I just resubmit?
Just to be sure, you should first contact our customer service department via our chat bot and/or email at for quick and reliable assistance. They can let you know if your order has been submitted successfully or not. And if it hasn’t, they can place the order on your behalf.

What if I have placed a duplicate order?
If you think you might have placed a duplicate order, please contact our customer service department via our chat bot and/or via email at and they’ll make sure that everything gets sorted out and provide a refund for the duplicate payment.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes, we have happily shipped around the world for almost 20 years! Please visit our shipping options to find out more information. Please note that orders shipping outside of North America will be subject to your country’s customs and duties.

What if I like a specific item but would like to customize it?
Not a problem. We would be happy to discuss customizations (within reason and within our established aesthetic). Please email Karen directly at and she will personally help you with your specifications.

Do you charge sales tax?
U.S. and International
We do not charge sales tax for orders shipping outside of Canada. There are no customs or duties owing for North American shipments. Our jewelry is made in Canada and subject to the NAFTA. Shipments outside of North America will be subject to your country’s customs and duties.

We charge sales tax for Canadian provinces and territories. Tax rates are in line with the appropriate province or territory.

What are my shipping options?
We are happy to ship around the world!
We ship within 24 – 48 hours of receipt of order for most items. Please read the specifications
Next to the image which will indicate the specific lead time for that item.

North America shipping options are:
7 – 10 (Standard) business days $17.00
3 (expedited) business days $25.00
2 (rush) business days $55.00

International orders (outside of North America) are:
3 – 5 business days $45.00

What is your refund policy?
We are happy to accept returns for exchanges or store credit within 30 days of receipt of the item. Please read our Returns & Repairs page.

What is your warranty period?
We honor a two-year warranty on our products which covers any problems a customer may have beyond normal wear and tear. We would replace any worn concrete, lost diamonds or broken parts within this period free of charge. Beyond the two years, there would be a nominal charge.

Can I have Konzuk Jewelry sent to someone as a gift?
Yes, please indicate the address of the recipient as the shipping address and enter yours as the billing address.

Will my item(s) be presented in any kind gift packaging?
Yes, we do provide ring boxes for the Facet Collection and gift boxes for each piece ordered.

How do I check the status of my order?
Click on “My Account” at the top of any page and go to track order. You will need your Order ID that you received when you placed your order.

How do I track my order after it has been shipped?
Your tracking number will be emailed to you upon shipping. If you receive an email confirmation from us that your order has shipped and no follow up email within 24 hours indicating a tracking number, please email us at and we will provide this for you.

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Can I get the concrete wet in my jewelry?
Yes, it is OK to wash your hands or wear your piece in the shower! All of the items are sealed and will not be affected by water.

What substances should I avoid with concrete jewelry?
Please avoid prolonged exposure to chemicals such as detergent, perfumes, nail polish remover and other astringents. These could eventually wear down the surface or dis-color the concrete.

What if my concrete gets darker over time from oils?
We’ve discovered that a Mr Clean, Magic Eraser works wonders to clean the surface of the concrete. Just wet the Eraser and scrub the surface of the jewelry.

How will the concrete wear over time? Will it chip or break?
The concrete we use is a new generation of concrete called Ultra High Performance Concrete. It was formulated in Germany and is 20 x stronger than traditional concrete. We realize when you wear rings you will always be bumping into things, or grabbing handles, so we do take this into consideration when designing the rings. The metal edges of the rings will prevent any chipping or breaking of the concrete. As the surface of the concrete is so minimal, there is also no worry about expansion and contraction with changing temperatures.

What if I drop one of my pieces by mistake? Will the concrete break or chip?
The concrete we use is so strong that there is no chance it will chip when dropped. We have taken a metal hammer to the Orbis balls and tested this out. It takes many hits before it even starts to break.

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Can I trust the tension setting?
The tension setting is one of the strongest settings out there. Only stainless steel, platinum or titanium can be used for these settings as they are the strongest metals. It is tension in the band that holds the diamond in place. Much stronger than tiny prongs holding the diamond!

What if the diamond does fall out of my setting?
This is an extremely rare situation but if it were to occur, we would replace the diamond, if lost and return it to the setting (at any time in the life of the ring) for free.

What if I like the ring, but would like a large diamond?
Most of the rings are designed with the ideal diamond size for the band. As diamonds get larger, they also get deeper, so the band would have to get thicker to accommodate this. We do not recommend going any thicker than 3mm for a band as it will be uncomfortable for daily wear. If you did wish to go larger we can make the ring thicker at the top and gradually thin it out at the sides to it is more comfortable to wear. Please email if you wish to discuss this.

Do you sell any conflict diamonds?
We do not source our diamonds from any supplier who is not in accordance with the UN mandated system. We use only Canadian diamonds for sizes .2ct or larger. All of these are registered with a CanadaMark serial number. CanadaMark is a program for identifying the origin of Canadian diamonds. The CanadaMark identification number engraved on the girdle of a Canadian diamond is the guarantee from the owners of the Ekati mine that a diamond with this mark is unequivocally Canadian in origin.

What are the 4cs?
Diamonds are graded and priced according to what is universally referred to as the ‘4cs’. They are cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Each is a description of the various characteristics of a diamond. For example, cut refers to the shape of the diamond, which affects its fire and brilliance. Color refers to the amount of color in the diamond (the less color a diamond has, the more valuable it is, all other factors being equal). Clarity describes the number of natural blemishes and inclusions a diamond has, and carat weight is simply a measurement of the diamond’s weight (not its size).

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What information does gather about me?
We only gather the information needed to process your order:
E-mail address
Billing and shipping address
Telephone number
Type of credit card you are using
Credit card number and expiration date, or other forms of payment

The information you provide us stays with us and remains confidential. We will never share or sell it to another company. Click here for our complete privacy policy.

How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from your newsletters?
You can sign up for our newsletter on any page. Look for the signup box at the bottom of the site and enter your email address. If you want to unsubscribe from any of our email lists, simply use the unsubscribe link on the newsletter in the email itself.

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How do I keep the brushed look of my jewelry?
We use a synthetic steel wool pad (like a Scotch-Brite pad from 3M) to give the metal the brushed look. You can continue to keep this up by visiting your local hardware store and purchasing your very own steel wool pad. Just brush it along the surface in the direction the grain already goes. This should remove small surface scratches and give it the look of when you first received it. Deeper scratches and dents can be removed by your local jeweler.

How do I prevent my cable from kinking?
All of the cables we use are nylon coated stainless steel (except in the case of the gold pieces) as these give our pendants a nice minimal place to hang. They can kink if not taken care of, so please store these items separately to avoid getting caught and prevent bending.

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