Reduced prices for…forever

*Oh, and we’re offering free standard (7-10 business day) shipping on all orders within North America.

Instead of participating in holiday “sales” KONZUK has worked hard to price our collections fairly recently lowering the prices – as much as 20% – on a number of pieces…while keeping our accountant happy.

We’re sorry (we have to say that, we’re Canadian) Konzuk can not be a part of the mass-marketed, over-hyped holi-days-turned-weeks, and now month long discounts this season.We won’t compete with faceless big box stores and their misleading short term sale of mass produced product. And we don’t think it is good for our relationship with our valuable retail partners if we discount our prices. We know they are the access some of you need to see the product in person.

KONZUK’s intention is simple. Provide unique hand-crafted design at a reasonable price. We hope you will continue shopping with us so we can do just that.


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