A Concrete Collaboration (Update!)


Konzuk was recently approached by a German hardware company, Schwinn Beschläge, to submit cabinet handles and pull designs that incorporate concrete. Schwinn recognized that Konzuk, with years of experience working with concrete and established production techniques, would be the perfect fit to take on such a task. Within an established set of parameters Konzuk delivered

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Olympic Contender


A recent visit to Whistler, British Columbia reminded me about my first-hand experience with the Olympics. I / Konzuk was invited and short listed by the Olympic Committee to design the 2010 Winter Olympic medals. I put my best effort forward and submitted to their request for proposal. You know, the who you are, what

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Set and Vent Collection Process


The SET collection involves several steps from inception to completion. Silicone molds are made of the specific shapes required which are then cast with concrete. The stainless framework is set within the concrete in the molds which provide the strength to the concrete shape. The raw concrete shapes are removed from the molds after several

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