This is a ring just waiting for a diamond…

My husband and I recently stopped into Chicago on a long drive across the country on our way home from Europe. I know a long way to go about it, but the poochy had to come and this was the only way. Dogs rule.

This sculpture was seen on the way into the city just off the highway. First inspiring moment of Chicago. Many more to come…

Imagine the inner ring platinum, the outer stainless, with a large 1ct diamond between the gap at the top. Everyone has been asking for a larger diamond. How about this one?

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3 thoughts on “This is a ring just waiting for a diamond…

  1. Grand idea! Go for it!
    By the way, have you thought about using those cultured diamonds? There is a lab in Florida that literally makes diamonds. They come out a rich, buttery yellow color. Talk about guilt-free, and non-blood diamonds! Of course, many in the industry are afraid of this, but, hey, cultured pearls are real pearls, and they did not hurt the natural pearl market!
    Something to think about.

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